Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town by Marcy Singer from the Embroidery Mystery Series by Amanda Lee

My Favorite Places in Tallulah Falls

The Seven-Year Stitch - Is it crass to mention my shop first and foremost? I hope not because I totally love it there. It's where I spend most of my time, my dog Angus accompanies me to work, and all my friends--as well as customers--visit me there. You see, I have a sit-and-stitch square on one side of the shop where patrons are invited to come and work on their current projects. I also host embroidery classes at the Stitch three evenings a week, and Marilyn-Monroe-lookalike mannequin Jill oversees everything.

MacKenzies' Mochas - Just down the street from the Seven-Year Stitch is this charming coffeehouse owned by my best friends Sadie and Blake MacKenzie. MacKenzies' Mochas used to be a bar before Blake and Sadie converted it into a coffeehouse. They serve the best coffees--my fave is the nonfat vanilla latte with cinnamon, pastries, and lunch items. They make the absolute BEST chicken salad croissants! I get those for lunch way too often. By the way, it was Sadie who talked me into leaving San Francisco and coming to the Oregon coast to open my embroidery specialty store.

The Brew Crew - The Brew Crew is a craft brewery and pub owned and operated by my friend Todd Calloway. Todd is a real sweetheart. In fact, Sadie tried to fix us up when I first moved to Tallulah Falls. We really liked each other, but it was as friends. Anyway, Todd brews up some interesting stuff. I don't care for beer, but even I like his apricot beer.

The Tallulah Falls Public Library - This library is absolutely gorgeous. It's an old Victorian house that has been transformed into the coziest library you could ever want. My friend Reggie Singh is the head librarian. You should see her office. It's an eclectic mix of Indian and seashore d├ęcor. I know you wouldn't think it, but if you'd see it, you'd think it was very chic. You might also think a small town library would have a limited choice of books, but Reggie works hard to make sure her library is as well stocked as any.

The Tallulah Falls Sheriff's Department - Okay, the building itself is not one of my favorite places. In fact, I've been through there a couple of times when it was downright scary. But one of my very favorite people works there--Detective Ted Nash. We've been dating for a few weeks, and he makes me so happy. Also, the sheriff is Manu Singh, Reggie's husband, and he's a pretty great guy too.

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Amanda Lee is a pseudonym for author Gayle Trent, who also writes the Daphne Martin Cake Decorating Mystery Series under her own name for Simon & Schuster's Gallery imprint.

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  1. I love Tallulah Falls! I want one of Sadie and Blake's mochas sooo badly. =)



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