Friday, July 12, 2013

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town By Gigi Fitzgerald from the Gourmet De-Lite Series by Peg Cochran

My Favorite Places in Woodstone

I wasn’t sure about living in a small town after life in the Big City, but I’ve come to love Woodstone, Connecticut. I’d like to share some of my favorite places with you.

The Book Nook: And not just because my friend Sienna Paisley owns it. It’s a mix of old and new books and no one minds if you browse for hours. In fact there’s a “coffee corner” where customers can help themselves to coffee or tea and sit on comfy old sofas and chairs and browse to their heart’s content.
Declan’s Grille: Because the food is heavenly and so is Declan! Seriously, he takes English cuisine to a whole new level and, as a bonus, Declan’s is a warm and comfortable place to share a meal with friends with fires going in the fireplaces in the winter and a lovely patio with a view of the river for summer meals.
Abigail’s: Even though I can hardly ever afford it, I love Abigail’s dress shop. They carry beautiful things that are smart and sophisticated yet still appropriate for wear in Woodstone. And Deirdre, the sales clerk, always alerts me to any sales. 
The Woodstone Diner: Because sometimes you just want turkey on white bread with gravy and mashed potatoes or a grilled cheese or plain old BLT. The décor hasn’t changed in decades, but that’s part of its charm.
The Woodstone Police Station: Bet you didn’t see that one coming! It’s an ugly squat building but it’s where Detective Bill Mertz’s office is, and I’m kind of sweet on him. Even though he often gets annoyed with me for meddling in his cases!

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