Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cozy Mystery Swag Package Giveaway

Even though I love receiving swag from authors, I don't have the space to keep all of it (along with the hoards of books!), so I'm giving away a special cozy mystery swag package.

I'm giving away a great little notebook called "Samantha Kidd's Guide to Sleuthing in Style" from the series by Diane Vallere, bookmarks from Larissa Reinhart, Amanda Flower, and my own special cross stitch bookmark that says "Keep Calm and Read a Cozy Mystery", a Amanda Flower mirror compact and a book cover necklace from Larissa Reinhart.

Awesome right?

To enter:
1. Complete rafflecopter below
2. I will ship this package international.

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  1. All the swag looks cool, but I especially love your cross-stitched bookmark. Nice to know someone else does this - I've stitched quite a few that I've given away as gifts.

  2. Great swag what a fun giveaway.

  3. I love swag -- and i must say I especially like the idea of a cross-stitched bookmark. It's been years since I've done any cross-stitch, but I loved doing it - and know the work it takes.

  4. Awesome! Anything to do with reading is always good!!!

  5. I love this! especially the bookmark :)

  6. Wonderful swag give-away! Look at all the loot, oooh and you cross stitch I try to, but am way to ADHD to complete even a simple one :)

  7. YAY!! I LOVE Swag!!! I'm so glad I found your FB post on my news feed or I wouldn't of known!! But I'm following you by email now so I won't miss out on anything!! Thank you for having this AWESOME giveaway!!!

  8. OMG...just noticed the cross stitch bookmark...adorable!!!

  9. Toni N
    Love this give away. Especially love the cross stitch bookmark. I do cross stitch and know how much time goes into it. Would love to have it.



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