Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Special Offer From Bev Editions

This week I was contacted by Bev Editions with a very special offer for my readers. The Archaeological Mysteries by Lyn Hamilton are now being published by Bev Editions, previously published by Berkley Prime Crime, and they are offering the first three books for free on e-Book.

Lara McClintoch, her marriage ended and her antiques business sold, eagerly embarks on a trip to Mexico to help an old friend solve a mystery. On arrival, her friend puts off their meeting and then disappears. After Lara witnesses a brazen robbery of a valuable statue of the ancient Mayan civilization and stumbles on a corpse in a museum of antiquities, she becomes a police suspect. Afraid of the police and unsure whom to trust, Lara follows clues pointing to black marketeers and zealous revolutionaries. This dangerous trail takes her to remote archaeological ruins, lush jungles, and bustling streets filled with revelers. Lara engages in a thrilling battle of wits and courage to unmask a killer and stop a tomb-robber in the shadowy world of Xibalba, the Lords of Death.

Antiques dealer Lara McClintoch expects a working holiday on the Mediterranean island of Malta will be a nice break from the Canadian winter–until she discovers a dead body stuffed inside an antique chest and another impaled on an ancient knight’s sword. Lara joins forces with an RCMP officer assigned to her case to solve the murders and foil an assassination plot in this exciting thriller. Lara’s adventures are set against the backdrop of Malta’s fascinating history, including the legendary Knights of St. John, in this fast-paced addition to the acclaimed Lara McClintoch series.

Lara McClintoch, an antiques dealer based in Toronto, thought her life was finally getting back to normal. One failed marriage and a failed business behind her, Lara’s new antiques shop is doing well and her personal life is nothing to complain about either. That is, until her ex-husband decides to set up shop across the street. After winning a bidding war just to spite her ex, Lara gets more than she bargained for when her antiques shop suddenly becomes a target for burglary, arson and murder. It turns out the box of junk from the auction isn’t as worthless as she thought. What she assumed were cheap reproductions turn out to be actual ancient artifacts—and illegal ones at that.

In an attempt to save her store, her reputation, and ultimately, her life, Lara journeys to Peru where more danger awaits. She cons her way into the crew of an archeological dig, but soon discovers she isn’t the only one there with a hidden agenda. Unsure of whom to trust, Lara is left to her own devices to take down an entire faction of black market antiquitites dealers and an army of grave robbers to boot!

The free downloads are available only on the Smashwords site:, but the books are available for sale on other popular sites.

1. coupon code for The Maltese Goddess is NV65Z (not case-sensitive).
2. coupon code for The Moche Warrior is CJ29W (not case-sensitive).
3. coupon code for The Xibalba Murders is UH85X (not case-sensitive).

I haven't read these yet, but I have grabbed my copy on Smashwords and plan to start them soon.


  1. Thanks, I just downloaded them.

  2. Thanks so much! I just downloaded them, and am also glad to find another place to browse/buy ebooks!

    1. Glad to hear it. I love smashwords for all their multi-formats.

  3. I love Smashwords! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome deal. Got them all!

    1. Excellent! Smashwords is awesome.

  4. Thanks; I have just downloaded and look forward to reading them

    1. Excellent Vesper. I hope you enjoy.

  5. Thanks so much for this. Just downloaded them & am looking forward to reading them!
    Take care
    Elaine xo



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